Improving Nutrition and Fitness in Schools

This presentation briefly covers the benefits of proper nutrition and routine exercise, and the risks of poor nutrition and physical inactivity among adolescents.  I hope the information in this presentation motivates proper nutrition and fitness in schools.  This presentation is directed to all those directly involved with adolescents in schools, which consists of parents of students attending primary and secondary schools, students, teachers, school cafeteria staff/school nutrition department, and sports team coaches.  Please click on the link to view presentation. Questions and comments are welcomed.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy the presentation.

Carai C. Driffin

PUBH – 6165 – 5, Environmental Health

Walden University


“Is our Well Water causing Childhood Cancer?

“Is our Well Water causing Childhood Cancer? Public Health Concerns regarding unhealthy drinking water and its possible relationship to a cancer cluster study in Palm Beach County Florida”

The acreage is an unincorporated rural area of Palm Beach County, Florida. Over the past 9 months, this area  has been involved in an epidemiological cancer cluster study through the Florida Department of Health’s Division of Environmental Health.  The issue of concern for the residents of this area is the possible increased occurrence of pediatric brain tumors.  Due to the rural nature of this geographical area, and its’ residents almost total reliance on private well water for residential use; one possible cause suspected for this cancer occurrence is contaminated well water.
Please find the link to my presentation below.
Sharon Pardo

PUBH-8165-10 Environmental Health

Healthy Lunches and Snacks for Primary and Secondary School Students

The purpose of this presentation is to create an awareness of the need for healthier lunch and snack options for primary and secondary school children. My audience for this presentation is school board members, principals, teachers, parents and school lunch directors who have a direct responsibility to these children to provide healthier meal and snack options for the overall health of the children.
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Yolanda L. Stevenson, MPH Student
Walden University
PUBH 6165-2 Environmental Health
Instructor:  Dr. Rebecca J. Heick