Improvement of School Nutrition

The purpose of this presentation is to inform school administrators of the importance of quality school nutrition and how they can improve their school’s current nutrition status.

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Danielle Main                                                                                                                              PUBH 6165-3, Environmental Health                                                                           Walden University


Dioxin Contamination in the Tittabawassee River Floodplain


The following program has been designed to provide a general overview to members of the public (ages 18-65), of the issues pertaining to dioxin contamination in Saginaw and Midland counties in Michigan. This area encompasses what is known as the Tittabawassee River Floodplain. The objectives of this program are: to explain what dioxins actually are, identify how we may be exposed to dioxins, understanding how dioxins may affect our health, identify where the dioxin contaminations in this area originated from, examine findings from comprehensive studies performed by University of Michigan scientists on dioxin contamination, and review how the dioxin issue is currently being handled and what the goals are for cleanup in the future. This will be followed by a summary of the program, and a comprehensive list of additional resources on the dioxin issue in Saginaw and Midland counties.

Improving student’s care with an electronic health bank record

The public school nurses of today are not simply addressing scrapped knees. They are responsible for 8 hours of care to students facing chronic and life threating illnesses. This presentation was a community based outreach to the SouthWest Washington School Nurses on the benefits of using an electronic health care record to improve the medical care of the student.

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Carrie Vanzant

Walden University Student: Environmental Health 8165-1

Nourishing the minds and bodies of the future: State of Georgia School Nutrition Initiative

Hello My name is Catrena Burvick-Fowler and the title of my presentation is Nourishing the minds and bodies of the future: State of Georgia School Nutrition Initiative.  The importance of ensuring that are youth are well nourished so that they can focus on their education is vital for the next generation to excel.   This presentation will benefit school children, parents, teachers, school administrators and health officials to name a few.  It is my hope that you will also find the information that I have provided to be educational and useful as well. app9burvickc


Catrena Burvick-Fowler

Pubh 8165-3 Environmental Health

Walden University


Discussion of the prevalence and unfavorable consequences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa, and factors that influence the death of HIV/AIDS patients.

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Elias Kima

Walden University

PUBH 6165-3 (Dr. Ghaemghami)