Dengue and the effects on the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago

This power point presentation was done as part of my requirements towards my MPH degree at Walden University. You are welcome to view presentation and make comments thank you…

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Suzette Mc Leod

Walden University

MPH Student-PUBH 6165-4

Dr.Stephen Arnold


Health Topic: Listeria Infection

This presentation is intended to inform the public on the causes, symptoms, and food sources of a listeria infection. It also includes ways to prevent illness from this foodborne illness.  Questions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks for viewing my presentation.

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Nakita Wiley, MPH Student

Walden University


Dr. Rebecca Heick

Winter Quarter 2010

Overview of Foodborne Diseases with a Focus on E. coli O157:H7

This presentation is designed for restaurant managers and health department staff.  The content includes an overview of foodborne diseases with a focus on E. coli O157:H7.  There is also a description of prevention methods.

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Dawn Ford, PUBH 8165-2

Walden University

Changes Today for a Healthy Tomorrow: Improving Food Nutrition in our Schools

Hello, my name is Tanya Clayton and the purpose of my presentation is to discuss how school lunches impact childhood obesity, specifically, in Prince Georges County, Maryland.  This presentation will also suggest solutions on how school lunches and snacks should be modified to foster healthy food choices for our children. 

This presentation is directed to School Board Members, School Administration, Government Officials, Parents, Healthcare Providers and Food Service Providers.

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Changes Today for a Healthy Tomorrow

Thank you for reviewing my presentation.  Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments.


Tanya Clayton

PUBH6165-1, Environmental Health

Walden University


APP7MURPHYS Salmonellosis

This presentation discusses the causes of salmonellosis and ways to prevent from becoming ill from this foodborne illness.  Please feel free to leave comments or questions and I hope you enjoy your learning experience.

Sharonda D. Murphy, MPH Student

Walden University


Dr. Rebecca Heick

Winter Quarter 2010

Preparing for a Disaster

This presentation geared towards elementary school children focuses on the efforts to know what a disaster is, how to make a plan, to know the importance of a disaster kit, and to really know how important it is to be prepared when a disaster strikes.

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Sandra Mwila-Martial

PUBH 6165-02, Environmental Health

Walden University

APP9Mwila-MartialS–Preparing for a Disaster