PUBH 6165/8165, Environmental Health Service-Based Learning

Welcome to the PUBH 6165/8165, Environmental Health service-based learning activity public weblog. In your respective section of PUBH 6165/8165, you will be posting a commentary, slide (or possibly a video) presentation on an environmental health issue that has potential impacts on a community. Please note that the approval of you instructor must be given before an invitation to publish at this site can be given.

The public posting of service-based environmental health learning activities is intended to foster a greater understanding of issues in environmental health, while also providing helpful and informative information to the “stakeholders” that may be affected by the issue.

The commentaries and presentations seen here are authored by public health graduate students enrolled at Walden University. In part, it is also intended as a service-based learning activity – learning and applying skills in presentation and sharing of information. Instructors in the various sections of the environmental health classes have reviewed and offered advice to the students to help assure accuracy and validity in all that is presented. That being said, neither the instructors nor Walden University can accept responsibility for any errors. If errors are found, please notify us. Thank you.

For those of you unfamiliar with posting to a public weblog site, you may need to take a little time in the WordPress site – most of the procedures are intuitive.

Drs. Shana Morrell and Raymond W. Thron can assist you if you encounter difficulties. Send either Dr. Morrell or Dr. Thron and email to seek assistance.

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36 Responses

  1. Hi, I applaud your blog for informing people, very interesting article, keep up it coming 🙂

  2. Good day! Please note that your instructor, following his/her approval of your service-based learning activity project, will forward your name to one of the administrators of this site. Then you will be entered as an author.

    Dr. R. Thron

    • Dr. Thron

      I am unable to post my presentation at the moment…there may be others having the same problem. It is related to the fact that the administrators have not posted our names as authors? Or what could be the problem?

      • Please submit your service-based learning activity assignment to this dropbox. Send me [ ] a message when this is done. I will then return to theweek 9 application gradebook in PUBH 8165 to view and grade the assignment.

        Remember you must submit your service-based learning activity assignment to this dropbox and receive a score of 6 or greater before you are given permission as an author to post to the Environmental Public Health Today [ ] web site.

        If you have any questions, do let me know. Thanks.

        Dr. R. Thron

    • Dear Dr. Thron, I am finding it difficult to post my environmental health service-based learning project on this site. It has been approved by my instructor. I really need directions on what to do.
      Nkiruka Nwachukwu PUBH 6165

  3. In order for you to post to this weblog, your instructor needs to approve your posting, and then submit your name to one of the administrators of this site. Please check with your instructor. Bear in mind that you must receive a minimum score of 6 on your project in order to post. Thanks.

    Dr. R. Thron

  4. Good day! Once your instructor has approved your project, and you have received a minimum score of 6 on the assignment, your instructor will then forward your name to one of the administrators for the Environmental Public Health Today [ ] weblog site. You will then be enrolled as an author and will be able to post and provide a link to your commentary or slide set presentation.

    Dr. R. Thron

  5. Ms. Jones:
    Prior to granting permission for you to post, you will need to submit your final presentation to the PUBH 8165, Environmental Health week 9 dropbox. Upon a review of your assignment and receiving a score of at lease 6, then you will be enrolled at the Environmental Public Health Today [ ] weblog site. After your enrollment as an author, you will then be able to post your slide set or commentary, including the summary with a “pointer” to your slide set or commentary.

    Dr. R. Thron

    • Thank you sir, I have successfully posted my presentation, however; there was not an area for section-3 just a general Environmental Health 6165/6185.

  6. Good day!

    I am presuming that you have registered with WordPress, according to your comment. Remember that you will only be entered as an “author” once your instructor approved your final draft of your service-based learning activity project. This should be deposited to the week 9 application dropbox. If you receive a score of 6 or better, you instructor will inform one of the administrators for this Environmental Public Health Today [ ] site. At this time you will be enrolled as an “author.”

    Hope that this offers some help.

    Dr. R. Thron

  7. I have either forgotten or lost my password and I am unable to post my presentation. I will await your reply. Thank you for your help. I have tried to reset with no success.

    • Thank you Dr. Thron for your speedy response. I have tried to reset repeatedly but it does not send me a new password, it sends me a link and the link sends me back to “lost password”, and then it starts over. Should I try a new user name and my home email? or Can my password be reset for me? I’ll await your response. Thank you So Much. Shelia

      • Will send you an email to your Walden University email account with further instructions.

        Dr. R. Thron

  8. Hello Dr. Thron,

    This was a very interesting project to work on and after realizing that i still had my presentation in draft mode, i have finally posted my presentation i believe correctly. I look forward to recieving any comments from fellow students.


  9. URGENT:
    To Dr Thron or Administrator:

    I had to recreate my user account since it was set up as a personal blog. Can you please refresh my new user account as author/contributor for PUBH 6165-5?

    Esther Shisoka

  10. Thank you Dr. Thron. I have successfully set up a new wordpress acccount. I emailed password and I believe you have received. I am eagerly awaiting Administrator Appproval so that I can post my presentation. Thank you so much. Shelia

  11. Good Morning Dr. Thron,

    I have been successful in logging in, however; My dashboard does not display the appropriate links in order for me to post my presentation. I am wondering if I have been approved as a Contributor/Author? Thank you for your consideration. Shelia Hall-Vailes

  12. I could not access word press to upload my presentation

    • To upload media (whether a powerpoint presentation, commentary, audio, video, etc.) go to the “media” folder from your Dashboard; then click on the icon titled “add new”. This is immediately to the right of the page title of “Media Library”. After clicking on “add new” you will be brought to the page titled “Upload New Media.” The allowed file types are shown. Browse to your commentary/presentation on your local computer to select your file. Uploading may take several minutes, particularly if the file is large, and also depending on the speed of your connection.

      Dr. R. Thron
      Walden University

  13. Thank you all for your interesting postings. I enjoyed them all.

    Adoniah M Mukona

  14. I am “trying out” posting here. I am not sure how to upload my presentation, but I shall be diligently working on it.

    • Jill, I am having difficulty posting my power point presentation as well. I would love any tips you have to share. I have tried to follow the instructions however I do not have a post or media tab on my dashboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • Hey,
        check with your instructor to make sure your account was updated for posting. I just played around with the site. I am hoping I posted correctly, but on my end I received permission to post and I opsted my work. Plese let me know if this helps.

  15. Hello Dr. Thron,
    Thank you for this great blog and for your active supervision for the site.
    I have received a permission to post my presentation from Dr. Taschida and i registered with Should I post may work to my personal blog or should I wait for your email (administrators)?
    Thank you
    Adem Osman

  16. Thank you, Dr. Thron, for the opportunity to stretch and explore another avenue of education through this media.
    Rhonda Jill Noriega

  17. Hello Dr. Thron, I have trouble submitting my Presentation in PubH 6165/8165. Already created a WordPress acount

    • Dear Dr. Thron

      I have created an wordpress and were able to log in though “Contributor/author log in”. It went successful but I am not able to see Post, Media, etc under posting buttons on the left side.

      I need to submit my Presentation in PubH_8165.

      Would appreciate your help.


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    I’m fairly certain I’ll be told many new stuff proper right here!
    Best of luck for the following!

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  21. Hello Dr.Thron,
    I was directed to you by Walden University due to that I am undergoing a course in Communication Through Media and Technology (MEDC 3001). i was told that I can be added as an author by the Environmental public health today website. I am new to this procedure, so please can you explain to me how the past Walden student that underwent the same course as I am in started their project in regards to the essay you gave them. I have created my blog on WordPress but need to know what to do next, so that I am not left behind. i will appreciate any help you can render to me for me to move past this stage.

  22. hello Dr. Thron,
    Is it only by cut and paste one can post to this website? I ve been unable to upload files despite being approved for my powerpoint project. Please help.

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