Recycling Matters.

The purpose of this presentation is to increase awareness on the importance of recycling to children; focusing mainly on elementary to middle school kids. The presentation seeks to help them learn the benefits of recycling, and show them the concept of being eco-friendly and how they can contribute to this great exercise, to avoid waste and preserve the environment. Some of the topics presented in this presentation include, the “Recycle Circle”, the “3- R’s” of recycling, helpful hints on recycling and where to find local help. Although this presentation is directed towards kids living in the Westerville- Columbus area in Ohio, it is for the benefit of all.

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I hope this presentation is helpful. Please feel free to leave comments and questions below if you have any. Thank you.

Anita Acquah

PUBH 6165-01, Environmental Health

Walden University


The Safety and Efficacy of Water Fluoridation

This presentation reviews the pros and cons of water fluoridation, the benefits of water fluoridation to communities and the controversies surrounding water fluoridation. It is intended to increase the knowledge of Floridians, government officials and stakeholders.

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Merlene Ramnon

PUBH 8165-1- Environmental Health

Nutrition Labeling At Restaurants: Education For Restaurant Owners

This presentation will provide you with an overview of nutritional guidelines, talk about the benefits of healthy eating, discuss the associated risks of unhealthy eating and lastly to demonstrate the benefits of providing nutritional facts on menus.

I hope that the information is helpful.  If you have any questions or care to leave a comment, please do so. Thank you.

Nutrition Labeling At Restaurants: Education For Restaurant Owners


I am hear to give a presentation on the effects of chemical exposure on the endocrine system.  Chemical exposure is becoming a very important topic all over the globe and can affect everyone in a round about way.  In Public Health, it is the role of the professional to help identify the health risks that are associated with certain exposures.  I have chosen to focus more on the average person and agricultural families and what these chemical exposures can mean.

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Morgan J Foster

PUBH -8165-10

Walden University

Pandemic Influenza Prevention

Pandemic Influenza Prevention in the Correctional Environment- Dekalb County Jail

Global Warming: Effects on the Health of our Planet


Welcome to this presentation on global warming’s effects on the health of our planet. This presentation is intended to help make you more aware of the current and future impact of global warming on the health and well being of our communities. As public health educators, we should all be aware of one of the world’s largest threats to the health of the world’s population in the near future. The future of our children and grandchildren is in our hands. This presentation will briefly explain what global warming is, causes of global warming, the Greenhouse Effect, health effects of global warming, what we can do about global warming, and challenges for climate change and public health. Thank you for reading this presentation and I look forward to hearing your commentaries.

Susan Kratochvil, MPH Student
Walden University PUBH 6165-1
Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Heick
Winter Quarter, 2010