Why Restaurants Should Add Nutritional Information to Their Menus?

This presentation is designed to support all stakeholders especially lawmakers who are in support of adding nutritional information to restaurant menus. Because of obesity rates and the amount of time and money we spend away from home, it is important we know the content of the food we are eating at restaurants. The ability to make an informed choice should be available to individuals at restaurants just as it is available to us in the grocery store.

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Improving the environment and community health in Vieques, Puerto Rico: A common effort after U.S. Military use


The island of Vieques, located at the east of Puerto Rico, was militarized by the US Navy during 60 years.  As a result of Navy military practices, exist many uncertainties that the high incidence of cancer in the population are related with the use of live bombing, storage of ammunitions, explosives, polluted sunken ships and bombs in marine surroundings, among other potential hazardous wastes in the island. Moreover, Vieques Island has been emarginated from health care services, due to its separation from the main Island Puerto Rico. In 2002, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, conducted a health assessment and concluded that there is no apparent public health hazard. However, seven years later, in November 2009, ATSDR has signaled its intent to modify some its earlier conclusions about health risks to residents of the Island of Vieques. The “double health injustice” in Vieques require a powerful strategy as Community Base Participatory Research (CBPR). There is a need of collaborative research partnership approach that involves equitably and meaningfully all partners in every step of the process.

To see the complete Commentary go to: https://environmentalhealthtoday.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/app9-ortizm-vieques1.doc

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Is the extra expense of bottled water worth it?

Is the extra expense of bottled water worth it?

This presentation focuses on extra expenses spent on bottled water that does not worth it. This presentation is directed to:

  – The state sports and athletes departments

  – College students
  – Independent School Districts
        – Junior high school students
        – High School students
        – Parents/Teachers 

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Healthy School Lunches: They Taste Great and Are Great For Your Health

This presentation focuses on childhood obesity and the importance of making sure that school lunches are healthier in order to fight this epidemic. It offers information on childhood obesity, diet, and available resources to implement healthy food options into any school. This presentation is directed to school administrative staff and school board memebrs.

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Phelesia Foster

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The purpose of this presentation is to create an awareness of the injuries and fatalities that occur daily to E.M.S. providers and to seek preventative measures to decrease them.

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