Improving Elementary School Nutrition

This presentation focuses on improving the nutritional status of children in elementary grades so we can establish healthy eating habits at an early age so these children will grow up healthier armed with the knowledge to make better food choices in middle school, high school, and into adulthood.  This presentation is directed toward Missouri school board members.

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Kari Thurman   

PUBH 6165-1, Environmental Health

Walden University, Dr. Heick


Plate Tectonics and the Hazards They Present in the Pacific Northwest.

This is an informational lecture on plate tectonics and their hazards. The focus of this talk will be on plate tectonics of the PNW, and how understanding the world around us, can help predict and prepare us for geologically driven disasters. Often we perceive that the ground is solid and neglect the dynamic processes underfoot. Tragically, as the current events in Haiti continue to unfold, we are reminded of how dynamic the earth actually is, and how a tragic event can quickly worsen without proper resources.

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Emily Brown

Walden University

PUBH 6165-2 Environmental Health

Professor Rebecca Heick

Nutrition: Know What You Eat!

This presentation focuses on an effort to convince restaurant owners and managers to incorporate nutrition information on their menu’s.  Additionally, it offers some suggestions about healthy eating.  This presentation is directed to restaurant owners, manager, and the public.

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Thanks You,                                                                                                                                  Alexis Parente                                                                                                                       PUBH 8165-02, Environmental Health                                                                              Walden University

Emission Reduction for a Better Future The Air Quality Risks Posed by ADM and Tate and Lyle and What They Are Doing About It.

The purpose of this slide presentation is the educate city council and government members on the dangers of emissions, how Tate and Lyle and ADM contribute to the poor air quality in Decatur, what these companies are doing to counteract the negative environmental impacts, and how city government can influence positive environmental change.

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Sarah Case

PUBH 8165-1 Environmental Health

Walden University

Fluoridation of Drinking Water – Further Study is Needed

It has been estimated that approximately 40% to 70% of municipal drinking water in the United States is fluoridated, with a concentration in the range of 1.01 ± 0.15 mg/ml. Yet, the efficacy and safety of this medical intervention has not been as rigorously studied as medications administered to much smaller fractions of the population. This article briefly reviews the strength of evidence supporting the fluoridation of public water and questions if enough is known to justify the broad, and involuntary, treatment of millions. This commentary is directed to those interested in health outcomes related to the important practice of drinking-water treatment.

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Eric Richards, M.S., MPH student
Walden University
PH 6165-1
Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Heick

The impact of bottled water on human health and the environment

Plastic bottles could be described as a miracle product, but there are some concerns about the possibility that plastic use can cause ill health, and have a negative impact on the environment. This presentation is of interest to parents with young children, and persons who are actively involved in sports.

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Veronica Cadette

PUBH 6165-1 Environmental Health

Walden University

Save Our Children Now

Linda A. Jones, MSOM

Doctorate of Philosophy

Public Health/Community Health and Education

Environmental Health 8165-3

Instructor: Dr. Raymond Thron

This presentation focuses on one of many health hazards found inside our homes, which affects the lives of our loves ones that sometimes are too young to fight back. According to the Environmental Protection Agency many homes built before 1978 have paint that has high levels of lead (called lead-based paint). Also; I will share with my audience other avenues of possible lead exposure.  My audience today is a group of young mothers, homeowners, daycare providers, professional women, educators and women of faith who make up the organization known as the Young Women’s Christian Council.

SAVE OUR CHILDREN NOW Please click here to view the presentation. Afterwards you may leave your thoughts, comments and or suggestions in the areas provided below. Thank You.