Health and Economic Burden of Malaria and our Community Environment

Hello Everyone, my name is Henry Debem. I am a PhD student of Walden University. I study Public Health, specializing in Epidemiology. I developed this presentation on “Health and Economic Burden of Malaria and our Community Environment” with the purpose of making a case for the adoption of Environmental Management Control approach as the best control strategy for Malaria in African communities using Anambra State in Nigeria as a state model. It also promotes the importance of involving environmental control agencies and units in malaria control programs in our communities.

The appropriate audience for this presentation are the Malaria control key decision makers in the regions, provinces, states, and communities. These include senior and technical personnel of the State Ministries of Health, State and Local Malaria Control Programs, State and Local Public Health Departments,  State Environmental Control Agencies, and  State and local representatives of international donor agencies like CDC, USAID, UK DFID, Global Funds, World Bank, WHO, etc.

Enjoy the presentation

Henry Debem

PUBH 8165


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