Cholera in Sierra Leone

Cholera is a global Health issue that has affected thousands of Sierra Leoneans since the first cases were reported in February of this year. As a citizen of this community I am concern about the alarming spread of this disease because it is both preventable and easily treated. I wish to provide key information to help raise awareness and educate vulnerable communities on actions needed  to reduce cholera outbreaks and alert stakeholders to increase the resources to prevent and eradicate it. We must take charge of our health by preventing and stopping this disease from killing us and our children. The presentation is geared towards the adult populace of Sierra Leone particularly those that live in overcrowded communities and slum areas.

Please click here to view presentation

I hope you find it informational and please feel free to make comments or ask questions below. Thank you.

Zainab Blell

PUBH 6165-01, Environmental Health

Walden University


2 Responses

  1. Great site, very informative!!

  2. Zainab,
    Yes the issue of cholera is a perennial problem in sub-Saharan Africa for decades. The issue in Sierra-Leone is the same in other African countries where cholera kills yearly, I think government in African countries are simply not doing enough to tackle these avoidable health issue. This is not rocket science that needs high level scientific technology to solve. Similar factors account for Malaria. Provision of basic clean water, ideal sanitary waste management, inspection practices and environmental monitoring will go a long way. However, Sierra Leone is one of the countries that had been unstable due to prolong war which had led to destruction of infrastructures. Coupled with this is the issue of misappropriation of funds which is the biggest issue among governments in Africa in general. I believe more awareness education will help change cultural barriers on hygiene practices, however, if basic amenities are not provided by the authorities, the effect of the education will not be seen in the fight against cholera.

    Walden University

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