Village Initiative Project (VIP) Against Malaria

The presentation highlights the power of organized community efforts to tackle the problem of malaria infection in rural communities. The slide presentation provides a dynamic source for stakeholders to sharing malaria related information. It also highlights activities that bring to the fore community solutions to a life threatening health problems.

I hope you will find this presentation inciting that will elicit further discourse. I look forward to reading your questions and comments.

Please use the link below

Village Initiative Project (VIP) Against Malaria

Thank you.

Ime Samuel-Etukudoh

PUBH 6165-1

Walden University


3 Responses

  1. Hi Ime,
    Your presentation is succinct and straight to the points. I like the way you brought out the points both in pictures and words. Good Job. I do agree with you that prevention of malaria should be a community effort and a global effort at large. We are better off preventing malaria than treating. The burden of the disease is too much! the pains one has to go through, the economic impact of lost work days, and the list keeps going on. Good job!

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