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Influenza Pandemic: Disaster Preparedness and Planning

This presentation focuses on pandemic influenza preparedness and is aimed to inform hospitals, outpatient clinics, pre-hospital environments, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and private home healthcare facilities. According to OSHA, (2007), an influenza pandemic may have a global impact and may require a“ large-scale response that has the potential to quickly overwhelm hospitals and healthcare system regionally and nationally”(p. 36). Because of the great impact, pandemic influenza planning should be initiated and should address internal continuation of care and coordination of services with local, state, and federal healthcare agencies.

In this presentation, I have included a brief history of influenza pandemics including the impact of each, clinical presentation of seasonal influenza, clinical presentation of past influenza pandemics, future pandemics,  and healthcare facility responsibilities at different stages of a pandemic.

Please click here to view presentation. I hope that the information is helpful. If you have any questions, or care to leave a comment, please do so, below. Thank you.

Nicole Berard

PUBH 6165-04, Environmental Health

Walden University

2 Responses

  1. Hi Nicole,

    What an outstanding presentation. My presentation was on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness as well. I really liked your planning stages section. Very good.

    Rosalyn Ross

  2. Rosalyn, Thank You for your comment.

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