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Eradicating Cholera in Port au Prince-Haiti: Sustainable Prevention and Control Program

Community empowerment, resource availability and both willingness and commitment among Haitians will help to acquire cholera free society despite higher poverty and low literacy levels. This presentation aims at informing public health stakeholders in Haiti including the general Haitian community, the government of Haiti, NGOs currently in Haiti and all other interested audiences on the sustainable cholera prevention and control interventions.   Please click Cholera in Haiti to view the presentation. I hope that the information is helpful. If you have got inputs, please insert below. Thank you.

Emilia Mmbando Raila


2 Responses

  1. Hi…your blog was give me some impression …..so interesting ….and fresh. Keep enjoying your healthy life. Thanks.

  2. Interesting presentation. One other aspect on the cholera spead was linked to local practices and bad hygienes practices. Taking in consideration local tradition is important. Organizing sensitisation training has been one the key success in the IDP camps to reduce the number of cases. Coordination was also an important aspect. Lack of information and coordination, during the first month, between the Haitian government and the UN/IO/NGO was more part of the lessons to learn.

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