Dengue Fever in the Philippines

Dengue Fever in the PhilippinesThe disease burden of Dengue in the Philippine community  has been pervasive and nationwide. This presentation is to encourage and promote among  rural health workers and the general public  to importance in taking a  positive action in fighting Dengue that has plagued the Philippines for many years.  The objective of this presentation is to raise  public awareness  of the current problem, to encourage everyone to actively participate and utilize  effective  control measures that would eradicate the mosquito and the disease .

Camille Sana

Walden University MPH Student

PUBH 6165-4: Environmental Health


4 Responses

  1. Hi Ms. Sana,

    I found your project on Dengue Fever in the Philipines very informative and educational! I like how you discussed the three phases and how the Hemorrhagic Fever is divided into four grades. You were also very thorough when you discussed environmental management, biological control and chemical control. Nice job!

    Maria Natal-Gopin

  2. Hi Camille:

    Considering the political climate in the Philippines what do you think would be the best public health approach to reduce the prevalence of this disease in this country? Aside from what you have discussed in your presentation?

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  4. Hi!

    True. we need to make our community aware on the danger of the disease (dengue). But the problem is, even when people are aware, we are continue to ignore those possible habitat in our own backyard. hayyy… very discouraging.

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