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Malaria in Ghana


My name is Francisca Masawi,  am a Public Health Graduate student at Walden University.  This presentation is addressing the general public in and outside Ghana, public health officials and interested parties in Ghana and around the world in the global community; it is my hope that you find this as an educational tool to  give you an understanding or a snapshot of the burden of Malaria in Ghana and on current intervention programs to address this  public health issue.

Please click here to view presentation. I hope the information is helpful. If you have any questions or wish to leave a comment, please do so below. Thank you.

Francisca Masawi

PUBH 8165-001

7 Responses

  1. Francisca, My one recommendation about your very thorough presentation is to be sure to match up your presentation notes with your slides as I did find a few times that the information on your slides was not discussed in your notes and vice versa. This recommendation is very minor but I believe would benefit you in getting your message across to your audience. I read your presentation twice, once focusing more on the notes and the second focusing more on the slides. If you match up your presentation notes with your slides I believe you will have a very effective presentation. Thanks for the information!

  2. Hi Francisca, you did a very good job! I read the Etiology of Malaria – Mosquito Life cycle
    twice I enjoyed it.
    It is sad to know that many lives are lost due to mosquitoes. You should consider presenting this information to people in your community. Thanks

  3. Hi Francisca,

    Since I come from India, country like Ghana where Malaria has been prevalent for decades, made me take a closer look at your presentation. I am thrilled to see that I am on the last page and It’s still holding. We’re really blown away by your quality of work, output, style and thoroughness. This might be the most effective way to convey the right knowledge to information savvy people all over the world. As you already mentioned there’s still a lot to do for our community. A community who needs people like you who has power to make them aware of the knowledge they need most during these tough times. Being a part of the entire informative system you are the one they can count on.

    Way to go Francisca!!

  4. Francisca,
    As with previous papers and presentations; you have done your homework. I will site the work in your presentation when going to Uganda next year, where malaria is on the rise again. I look forward to your next paper/presentation.


    • Hi Robert,
      I agree, Malaria in SubSaharan Africa is one of the main public health
      issues. Thank you for reading presentation and for feedback. All
      the best in Uganda next year. Thanks again.


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