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Disaster Preparedness: Pandemic Influenza Virus Prevention Measures

Hi, My name is Margie Parham and I would like to welcome all of you (nursing students from Georgia State University, West Central Technical College, Perimeter college and State University of West Georgia) today joining me for this presentation on Disaster Preparedness with influenza virus prevention measure to control the spread of influenza during an outbreak to teach your patients and families. This presentation focuses on the role of nursing student’s teaching patient’s during clinical rotations with emphasis on prevention measures to mitigate the spread of the influenza virus. It serves as a clinical resource for nursing student’s to promote prevention measures to fight against the influenza virus.

Please click here to view presentation.  I hope that information is helpful. Please feel free to post any questions or comments. Thank you for your time.

Margie Parham

Walden University, Public Health Ph.D. student

PUBH 8165-1: Environmental Health

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