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Malaria Control and Elimination

This presentation focuses on efforts to control and eliminate malaria in the world. It is designed as a plea to stake holders to fund research and malaria programs. Stake holders are encouraged to use all their resources as tools to fight against malaria. This presentation also aimes at educating the public about malaria and it’s effects on human life. This presentation is directed to the Task Force for Global Health and other stake holders including Roll Back Malaria.

Please click here to view presentation.

Please post your comments, questions, and input below.

Thank you.

Esther Ashford,

PUBH 6165-04

Environmental Health

Walden University

4 Responses

  1. Great presentation!

  2. The article is well ochestrated, presented and very informative. You have highlighted the need for funding very well using your graphics and convinced the stakeholders that Malaria is very expensive to treat. Job well done!

  3. Esther,

    For some reason we happened to work on a similar topic. You presented inforamtion in a very interesting manner. Great!!

    • Thank you very much Adoniah for viewing and responding to my post. Yes, malaria is a very important topic to me because it hits home. Growing up in Africa, i witnessed firsthand the pain and suffering malaria can cause to families, communities, and the nation as a whole.

      I really enjoyed your presentation too! I specifically liked the real pictures in Gokwe, Zimbabwe. I really like that you made a very important point about the consultation of malaria and that traditional healers are not capable of treating malaria and therefore should not be consulted.

      I am glad we are both passionate about eliminating malaria and making a positive social change.

      Esther Ashford

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