The Nipah Sneak

The emergence of novel paramyxoviruses such as Hendra and Nipah in a short time span underscores the importance of these viruses as zoonotic agents. Zoonotic infections such as Nipah Virus can be significant pathogens, with a more severe outcome in patients with various forms of immune suppression due to infection (as with HIV), or immune suppressive drugs, such as monoclonal antibodies to TNFα. Generating public knowledge is critical in the early identification in the transmission of any known emerging infectious disease and is an important measure in the event of an outbreak.

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One Response

  1. Wendy ,
    I enjoyed your presentation, thank you. Nipah virus seems to be a perfect candidate of becoming a bio-threat. Bio-threats can be naturally occurring, like in this case Nipah virus, or can be intentionally introduced, like Anthrax in a terrorist act.

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