Street Vendors: High-Risk for Food-Borne Illness

APP7PikeJ Envi.pptx

There are countless unregistered street vendors in Los Angeles, almost on every corner along Wilshire Blvd. Street vendors do not have an area to wash their hands with soap, under running water. These unsanitary practices in food storage and handling by street vendors can easily spread germs from one person to another. This presentation was created to help street vendors understand the risk of disease and what they can do to prevent community illnesses.


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  1. i strongly agree with u Ms pike. I went to buy a sandwich at the food truck at wilshire boulevard near school and when i was half way and almost done with my sandwich i saw one strand of hair it was so disgusting. on the following week one classmate of mine was whining because she saw a cockroach on her sandwich and the food truck owner just told her a new sandwich. I think this is something a health department or whoever is responsible for the license should grade them and inspect for the health of the community.

  2. May Grace,
    Go to this link:

    I am currently in a crusade to eliminate street vendors without permits along our neighborhood. Not to totally eliminate but to educate them on how to become wiser street vendors. In an effort to help people improve their lifestyles practicing proper food handling and sanitation. Thank you for your feedback for sharing your experience on this topic.

  3. I agree with you ate Jeanne…I think not only on Wilshire that there are lots of vendors selling street foods…almost in every country there are lots of vendors on the streets that are selling those food…and when you look at the food, it looks so delicious but when you try it there are risks accompanied with it…most of them are not properly cooked…the utensils they are using are not clean, waters that they are using are not safe… I think the government should be aware of the harm it caused…because after eating that food and something happens to you there should be someone responsible for it…

    • Thank you, Kenken for your comments, especially regarding the unclean use of utensils and supply of unlcean water. You made a valid point about the government being involved in managing unsanitary practices in handling food cooked and sold out on the streets. Some people do have stronger or well adjusted immune systems when it comes to tolerating different forms of viruses. Most children and pregnant women are usually the ones that are vulnerable to such viruses. I hope this blog will be useful in your everyday encounter with street vendors. Maybe you can help spread the word. Thanks again for responding.

    • so far all the comments on the problem,ive notice are
      true and well presented here, how same for the solutions. to leave it up to the Health Dept. / issues of the permits to sell ,is so critical ,in fact , goin to the negoitate increase in funds to educate those concern, more likely impossible . the education should
      begin at the consumer , to restrain from buying from those vendors that are obviously unhealthy, its not my interests ever to eliminate jobs. less they sieze to

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