The Impact of Malaria on Pregnant Women

This presentation is structured to raise awareness and increase knowledge of the deleterious effect of malaria during pregnancy. A number of preventive measures are offered. This presentation is aimed at pregnant women, who form part of the most vulnerable segment of the population to malaria.

4 Responses

  1. thanks for this presentation.
    my problem is the rate at which many pregnant women in Ghana are ignorant about malaria, especially those in the rural areas. they refuse to seek antenatal care simply because their mothers and grandmothers gave birth to all their children at the time there were no hospitals so they will also do likewise.
    also pregnant women also buy their own drugs from the pharmacy and licensed chemical shops as soon as they feel they have malaria symptoms so that they spare themselves the time they spend at the hospital queuing to see the doctor.
    overall I will say education of malaria should be improved so as to prevent maternal deaths.

  2. i will share an experience. My aunt was feeling feverish and rushed to a hospital. the doctor prescribed Artesunate for treatment but after a weak still she was not feeling better. so the doctor tested her blood to find the cause and only to find out that the woman is pregnant. the doctor was disturbed suddenly so we got to know something was wrong from the expression on his face.he boldly told us that he has commit a blunder and that my aunt was not suppose to take the drug cause she is pregnant.
    so we asedk of the possible consequence and he told us.
    lo and behold the baby came out with a hole in problem and the bones at her joints we not meeting.several treatment was prescribed to help save the babys life but eventually she died a year after. if malaria was prevented or the right diagnosis were performed like this baby would be still alive.
    i will urge that more public education and treatment should be provided and the surroundings and living places should be kept clean .if is clean mosiquitos cant breed and malaria will be cut short.

  3. This presentation is educational for woman, who had the treatment of malaria. Pregnant woman and other girls must read it in the same way, because it’s can be dangerous for anybody. Better to know many significant preventive measures.

  4. Malaria is horrible desease. We should know how to avoid it. This presentation would be wholesome for pregnant women.

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