Food Safety

Food safety in the food industry is important so that there isn’t any spread of foodborne illnesses. Foodborne illnesses can either be from different sources such as bacteria or viruses. Proper preventative measures when preparing food can help eliminate illnesses. For example personal hygiene, can help eliminate the spread of germs, so frequent hand washing is important not only which at work, but at home as well. This presentation is directed towards food preparers/handlers in the food industry.

Please click here to view the presentation.

Sarah Walden

PUBH 8165-10, Environmental Health

Walden University


One Response

  1. Thanks for your posting, and the excellent video in your presentation. As you pointed out, personal hygiene is essentially – such hygiene is a simple and effective means for eliminating the spread of germs. It cannot not be emphasized enough. I hope that you can share this information with many others.

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