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Shantytowns: Global Health Threat

This presentation is about the neglected population of our society, the future of humanity the urban poor that are rapidly growing around the world. I call upon the attention of the international community, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and most importantly the leaders of the world to take notice of the urban poor now. The rapid urbanization of the world has left so many of our youths living under subhuman conditions. The youths are our future and in order to preserve the future of our next generation, there is an immediate call for action to focus on the suffering of billions of people worldwide. The rest of the world needs to recognize the rights of the urban poor, the dangers and the suffering that the slums bring. Government of all nations must take necessary steps to improve the lives of the slum dwellers by working with them. It is cheaper in the long run to provide services in urban areas like health, education, energy, transportation, safe water and sanitation. I urge the initiatives of the local governments to take steps to better the lives of your countrymen your actions will result to a better governance of the future.

Dahlia Connors
Walden University
PUBH 6165-2
Instructor: Dr. Howard Rubin


2 Responses

  1. Dahlia,

    Extremely visually stimulating presentation. If I had not seen the images for myself, I would never have fully appreciated the hardships of shantytown living. I also enjoyed that your conclusion firmly aims a challenge at the local authorities to take steps to improve the conditions. Very moving.

  2. Thank you Robert:

    The magnitude of deprivation of the poor of the world is alarming. Report from Global Issues.Org states that over 22,000 children die daily around the world. The silent killers are poverty, hunger easily preventable diseases and illnesses and related causes. The most tragic part of this situation is that despite the catastrophic reality of these numbers it rarely captures the attention of the global media. According to UNICEF there are 1 billion children that are deprived of one or more services essential to survival and development. The children are our future, the paradigm of the survival of our planet and yet they are the most neglected ones.

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