Carbon Monoxide

The aim of this presentation is to raise awareness in the general public about the serious and life-threatening dangers of carbon monoxide.  It is my goal to equip each of you with information that will help to safeguard you and your families from carbon monoxide exposures and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Click here to view presentation. I hope that information presented in this presentation is helpful to you.  Please feel free leave a comment if you desire to do so. Thank You.

Valerie York

PUBH 6165-5, Environmental Health

Walden University


One Response

  1. Valerie, I absolutely appreciate the infromation provided in your power point presentation. Carbon Monoxide is a mysterious and undetected threat to public health in all environments. Thank you for so thoroughly demonstrating how dangerous exposure to this toxic substance can be to health and wellness.

    Yvette McPheeters

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