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Re-emergence of Dengue Fever in the Florida Keys

A recent outbreak of 28 confirmed cases of Dengue Fever in the Florida Keys and the growing potential of the disease spreading to the north of the country due to increased travel, has public health officials worried about the re-emergence of  the disease in the U.S.  This outbreak represents the first dengue cases acquired in the continental United States outside of the Texas- Mexico border since 1945 and the first locally acquired cases in Florida since 1934. (Reuters, 2010). Each year, 50-100 million dengue infections occur; 20,000 deaths occur from dengue infection worldwide. (Wilder-Smith & Gruber, 2008).  32 out of 1,000 travelers to the Carribean become infected annually with the dengue virus, and 21 out of 1,000 international travelers worldwide suffer from dengue infection annually. (Schwartz et al., 2008).  This presentation is for residents and visitors to the Florida Keys.

Please click here to view presentation. I hope that the information is helpful. If you have any questions, or care to leave a comment, please do so, below. Thank you.


PUBH6165-02, Environmental Health Walden University


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