Malaria A Continuining Global Threat

This presentation is directed to citizens of Liberia. Being a descendant of this African nation (Liberia), and having once suffered the ill health impact Malaria posed on my health, schooling and daily activities, and continues to have on family members, and friends, motivated my decision to prepare this malaria presentation, which will reiterate  the importance of prevention through education so that citizens (you) can become self empowered and proactive on health matters and help fight this disease within communities through team effort and through the implementation of precautionary measures for a life that will be full of fun, laughter, peace and free of malaria.

Please click here to view presentation. I hope information provided is helpful. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments below. Thank you.
Zoe Martin
PUBH 6165-05, Environmental Health
Walden University

One Response

  1. Zoe,

    Thank you for the presentation and opening up about your personal experiences in dealing with Malaria. When the topic is personal it brings forth the passion and dedication of the message.

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