Improving the School Nutrition Environment

This presentation highlights the importance of nutrition for children  from their development perspective and steps needed to implement an effective intervention program at the school level. The intended audience for this presentation include members of all groups who can initiate and implement nutrition intervention programs at school level.
Please click here to view my presentation. If you have questions or comments, please post them below.
Thanks, Kaveri Kantharaj
PUBH-6165-2, Environmental Health
Walden University

2 Responses

  1. This is such an important subject, I heard on the today show a few weeks ago that our children today will have a lower life expectancy then us as adults. That is such a scary statistic. We have to correct this problem.

    Milisa Brzuska

  2. Interesting topic & presentation. I totally agree and have been an advocate for better nutrition in schools asfor many years. I have three children now 27, 25 & 21. I woke up every morning, made breakfast and ensured that my children all had & took their lunches to school after hearing them complain about the long lines and the type of food served and them not having the ability to focus in class. Once I started preparing their lunches the complaints went away and of course the struggle of having to stay focus in class was not a concern any longer.

    More should be done about nutrition in schools as we have heard time & time again how politicians during election time make this one of their issues until they are in office and it goes on deaf ears.


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