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“Is our Well Water causing Childhood Cancer?

“Is our Well Water causing Childhood Cancer? Public Health Concerns regarding unhealthy drinking water and its possible relationship to a cancer cluster study in Palm Beach County Florida”

The acreage is an unincorporated rural area of Palm Beach County, Florida. Over the past 9 months, this area  has been involved in an epidemiological cancer cluster study through the Florida Department of Health’s Division of Environmental Health.  The issue of concern for the residents of this area is the possible increased occurrence of pediatric brain tumors.  Due to the rural nature of this geographical area, and its’ residents almost total reliance on private well water for residential use; one possible cause suspected for this cancer occurrence is contaminated well water.
Please find the link to my presentation below.
Sharon Pardo

PUBH-8165-10 Environmental Health

One Response

  1. Dear Sharon,

    What a fascinating posting. As a child psychologist who specializes in working with medically ill children such as oncology patients, I found this presentation very interesting. Given the sometimes long lasting and devastating after-effects of treatment of pediatric brain cancer, it would be quite unfortunate if well water in this area is indeed causing brain cancer in children. I believe some researchers suggest that there is also a genetic basis to some cancers. I wonder if researchers have ruled out any genetic relationships among affected individuals in this area?

    Best regards,

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