Environmental Health Factors Which Surround in Bottled Water

The purpose of this presentation is to educate a youth audience to increase knowledge of the environmental health factors which surround bottled water and motivate youth to decrease the consumption of bottled water in my community, San Jose, CA, including the high schools in the San Jose Unified School District and the Bay Area Science Alliance.

Please click here to view the presentation. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Thank you!
Kidest Assefa
Walden University
PUBH-6165-01 Environmental Health
Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Heick


One Response

  1. Kidest, I found your presentation on bottled water very informative and easy to understand. I didn’t know that producing plastic bottles were such a detriment to the environment. I always recycle my bottles, and I thought that was enough. Apparently that is an issue to the environment as well as the chemicals released into the air. Thank you for your presentation, it made me think twice about using bottled water.

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