Foodborne Illness and Food Safety: Campylobacter and Other Common Foodborne Pathogens

Foodborne Illness and Food Safety:  Campylobacter and Other Common Foodborne Pathogens

The main purpose of this presentation is to educate the general public about foodborne illness; the common pathogens, common symptoms, routes of transmission, as well as tips on how to avoid or reduce the risk foodborne illness.  Specifically, it discusses a bacteria from the Genus Campylobacter.

Please click here to view the presentation.  I hope the presentation is informational.  Please leave any questions or comments below. 

Thank you,

Tracey M. Steeno

Environmental Health PUBH – 6165 – 4

Instructor: Stephen Arnold


2 Responses

  1. Hello tsteeno –

    Could you please go back into your post and sign it for us include your name, course / section & professor name.


    Patricia Facquet, RN, MSPH, M.Ed,N, CCRC, PhD(c)
    Research Assistant to Drs. Thron & Morrell
    Walden University
    Program: PhD in PUBH Community Health Education & Promotion

  2. Tracey, you put together a great power point presentation. It was both organized and informative. It provided useful information and kept my interest. Great quiz at the end.
    Deborah Minor

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