Save Our Children Now

Linda A. Jones, MSOM

Doctorate of Philosophy

Public Health/Community Health and Education

Environmental Health 8165-3

Instructor: Dr. Raymond Thron

This presentation focuses on one of many health hazards found inside our homes, which affects the lives of our loves ones that sometimes are too young to fight back. According to the Environmental Protection Agency many homes built before 1978 have paint that has high levels of lead (called lead-based paint). Also; I will share with my audience other avenues of possible lead exposure.  My audience today is a group of young mothers, homeowners, daycare providers, professional women, educators and women of faith who make up the organization known as the Young Women’s Christian Council.

SAVE OUR CHILDREN NOW Please click here to view the presentation. Afterwards you may leave your thoughts, comments and or suggestions in the areas provided below. Thank You.


3 Responses

  1. Hello simplymslinda –

    Could you please go back into your post and sign it for us include your name, course / section & professor name.


    Patricia Facquet, RN, MSPH, M.Ed,N, CCRC, PhD(c)
    Research Assistant to Drs. Thron & Morrell
    Walden University
    Program: PhD in PUBH Community Health Education & Promotion

  2. Very nice presentation; well organized and informative. Would be helpful to view in a pediatrician office waiting room. Young families need to know this information.

  3. Hi Ms. Jones
    I enjoyed reading your website. I would like for you to be a guest speaker.

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