Changes Today for a Healthy Tomorrow: Improving Food Nutrition in our Schools

Hello, my name is Tanya Clayton and the purpose of my presentation is to discuss how school lunches impact childhood obesity, specifically, in Prince Georges County, Maryland.  This presentation will also suggest solutions on how school lunches and snacks should be modified to foster healthy food choices for our children. 

This presentation is directed to School Board Members, School Administration, Government Officials, Parents, Healthcare Providers and Food Service Providers.

Please use the link below to access my presentation.

Changes Today for a Healthy Tomorrow

Thank you for reviewing my presentation.  Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments.


Tanya Clayton

PUBH6165-1, Environmental Health

Walden University


2 Responses

  1. I agree with the premise that healthy nutrition is a collective responsibility. Parents, teachers, schools, and food service providers are all stakeholders in the process. Unfortunately, schools will have to bear the burdern because students receive at least two meals a day in an educational setting. Hopefully, some of the solutions you mentioned will be implemented and the overall outcome will be that children’s health is prioritized over business and profit of food service.

  2. Hello Sadarie,

    Thank you for the feedback.

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