The Right To Health: A Global Chronic Disease Perspective

This commentary focuses on the global citizen’s right to health in a climate of chronic disease.

Please click here to view the presentation.

I hope you find the information both helpful and interesting.

I look forward to receiving your comments.

Elizabeth Wesbter
PUBH 8165-2
Walden Unversity


One Response

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing your research on the right to health. The challenge is providing that right while containing healthcare costs. In the US alone, healthcare spending tripled between 1985-2005. Healthcare spending was almost $2 trillion in 2005 or 15% of the GDP.(Congressional Budget Office, 2008) Projections estimate healthcare costs will continue to grow and account for 31% of the GDP by the year 2035. Some of the reasons for this are federal spending on Medicare and Medicaid programs, aging population of babyboomers, expensive new technology in the field of healthcare, growth in personal income and rising share of costs paid by third-party insurers (CBO, 2008).

    I would be interested in your thoughts on how limited resources could be reallocated to fund what would appear to be unlimited needs (global quality healthcare).

    Committee on the Budget. Growth in Health Care Costs (2008). Retrieved February 8, 2010. Available at


    Heather Mazakas

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