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Start Early for Success: The Role of School Breakfast Programs in Improving the School Nutrition Environment


4 Responses

  1. This is a very interesting post. Working in a school district I see many students in the Health Office with complaints of headache, stomach ache, and exhaustion first thing in the morning. Many of them report they did not have time for breakfast, or none was available. If your proposed topic came forward, not only would these children forego their physical discomfort, it would also keep them in their class.

  2. Good day! Please note that your PowePoint presentation, offered as a .pptx file, may not be viewed by many, particularly if one does not have Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. For those with an earlier version of PowerPoint, often the converters do not work properly.

    Also, It is strongly recommended thatyou offer an introductory paragraph, in addition to the link to your presentation.

    Overall your content was good. Thanks for your willingness to do this.

    Dr. R. Thron

  3. Hello Hannah –

    Could you please go back into your post and sign it for us include your name, course / section & professor name.


    Patricia Facquet, RN, MSPH, M.Ed,N, CCRC, PhD(c)
    Research Assistant to Drs. Thron & Morrell
    Walden University
    Program: PhD in PUBH Community Health Education & Promotion
    Email: patricia.facquet@waldenu.edu

  4. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for your presentation. This presentation would help those involved in running our schools to include incorporate breakfast programs for their school’s activities as a way to improve student academic performance. This program would benefit students especially those from lower income households and socioeconomic status.

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