Stripping Away the Germs: A guide to staying safe.

   My Name is Milisa Brzuska and my project is aimed towards individuals in the exotic dance industry.  The audience is geared towards the dancers but also is important for the employers.  It is very important to understand the correct way to keep your place of work and business clean and safe from possible exposure to staph infections and other bacteria’s.    

     A lot of exotic dancers do not have medical insurance so they tend to seek treatment in the E.R.  Over the years, the ER has seen an increase in the number of people with staphylococcus aureus infection coming in for treatment.  The staphylococcus aureus bacterium has become resistant to antibiotics thus proving to be difficult to treat.  With proper disinfection and knowledge of how the bacterium is spread, this population will effectively reduce the incidence of the bacteria in their work environment.

Please click here to view presentation.  I hope that the information is helpful.  If you have any questions, or care to leave a comment, please do so, below.

Thank you.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Milisa –

    I enjoyed your interesting presentation on the risk of staph infections in the exotic dance industry. This is not the usual target audience one thinks of, but as you mentioned, many dancers do not have health insurance and this is certainly a public health issue that needs to be addressed. I think educating this population on how to be safe and prevent possible infections makes more sense than dealing with the resulting infections in the emergency room.

  2. Milisa,

    Very interesting presentation. Many exotic dancers are more than likely blind to the possibility of stap infections and stap prevention. If strip club owners knew about this risk, they might be inclined to place hand sanitizer throughout the facility.

  3. Hello Millisa –

    Could you please go back into your post and sign it for us include your name, course / section & professor name.


    Patricia Facquet, RN, MSPH, M.Ed,N, CCRC, PhD(c)
    Research Assistant to Drs. Thron & Morrell
    Walden University
    Program: PhD in PUBH Community Health Education & Promotion

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