Improving the School Nutrition Environment


Attached you will find my powerpoint presentation focusing on school nutrition.


Tanisha B.



7 Responses

  1. Nice posting. What do you think about public schools which have vending machines allowing student access to candy and or chips. Do you think these should be elimated?? Thank you in advance for your thoughts Cynthia McCoy-McMaster

    • Thanks Cynthia. Vending machines, I feel will always be in schools. I feel that whats in them is what matters. I know that in most Philadelphia schools they have been eliminated or reduced to having more healthy items in them. Even machines that used to hold sodas, Ive noticed have changed to mainly water and juice. So i say that to say, that I dont think they should be elminated but whats provided in them could change.

  2. I enjoyed your presentation and totally agree with you that more needs to be done to make our school lunch program healthier. In our former Texas high school, students were allowed to eat their lunch off campus which meant that most of those students ate lunch at a fast food restaurant. Do you think this policy of allowing students to eat their lunch off campus should continue?

    • Thanks Barbara. I feel that the poilicy of eating off-campus should not continue. Granted it is high school and they may be more aware of whats good for them, but its always whats fast and cheap and that not always healthy. That option should not be available, if they do not want wants provided by the school they could always bring lunch from home. How did you feel about that option?

      • I definitely agree with you that allowing kids to eat off campus should not be an option. As you said, if they do not like what is being served in the cafeteria, they can bring food from home. Fast food has become too much a part of many people’s lifestyle and it should not be encouraged in high school.

  3. Aww Tanisha I wish I could look at your presentation. For some reason my version of PowerPoint can’t read it but I am sure your presentation is very nice, its a topic I find interesting!

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