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Bottled Water is not always better

This presentation is an exploration into the controversial topic of bottled water versus tap water.  Through evidence based research, the environmental factors surrounding this controversy will be unveiled.  This presentation is intended for youth, who routinely consume bottled water and may believe it to be superior.

Please click here to view my presentation. It is my ardent hope that this presentation will aid you in making an informed decision as to whether bottled water is truly better than tap water.  I would love any comments or suggestions. Feel free to post them below.


Sasha Abdur-Rashid

PUBH 6165-01 Environmental Health

Walden University

2 Responses

  1. Sasha,

    Good report on bottle water vs tap water. How would you provide a convenient water supply to a population that is on the go? Would glass water bottles be an alternative?

    Alice Hildenbrand

  2. This topic is something that I have struggled with for quite a while–primarily because I have been making a valid effort to recycle as our planet is in horrible shape. However, it is a little hard to keep or obtain a cold drink of water without purchasing a bottled water. The effort and planning that it takes to keep a cold supply nearby is somewhat cumbersome. I only drink water when it is cold as I find it hard to swallow when at room temp. If I am using a reusable container, this requires carrying gadgers or coolers so that when I’m thirsty and hot I can have a refreshingly cold reusable bottle of water. So, I suppose my question is the same as Sasha’s. What do you suggest or have you found any suggestions?

    Very informative and interesting presentation!

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