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Decreasing Childhood Blood Levels in a Community

Decreasing Childhood Blood Levels in a Community.

This presentation  focuses on efforts to increase the public knowledge regarding the risk of childhood lead poisoning.

Decreasing Childhood Blood Levels in a Community offers some tips to prevent lead exposure. I hope that this presentation is helpful. If you have any questions, or care to leave a comment, please do so, below. Thank you.

Josephine M. Britanico

PUBH8165-1, Environmental Health

College of Health Sciences

Walden University

2 Responses

  1. Hi Jospehine –

    Fantastic Presentation. Are you thinking about using this as your dissertation topic? I think that this is so ironic because my dissertation is focusing on Childhood Lead Poisoning in Central & Northwestern Brooklyn where the incidences are 43% higher than the rest of the 5 Boroughs of NYC.

    The real question to ask is: What is wrong with NYCDOHMH – CLPPP – is there institutional bias against immigrant & non-native speakers within the NYCDOHMH? This sound like a paper for the two of us to write based on our research. What do you think?


    Patricia Facquet, RN, M.Ed.,N., MSPH, CCRC, PhD(c)
    Research Assistant to Drs. Thron & Morrell
    Walden University
    Program: PhD in PUBH – Community Health Education & Promotion
    Email: patricia.facquet@waldenu.edu

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