Naegleria Fowleri

The intent of this presentation is to increase awareness of the amoeba Naegleria fowleri and its associated disease, primary amebic meningoencephalitis. It provides information about how infection occurs and offers suggestions for infection prevention. This presentation is especially useful for parents, as children are especially vulnerable.

Please click here to view my presentation: NaegleriaFowleriNWilson

I hope that the information is helpful. If you have a question or a comment, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Nancy Wilson

PUBH 6165-04, Environmental Health, Walden University

Cholera and Sanitation in Ghana

The purpose of this presentation is intended to bring awareness / knowledge on sanitation in the environment. Cholera in Ghana (West Africa) is an example.

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Environmental Exposures During the Prenatal Months


This presentation concentrates on increasing the education provided to pregnant women during prenatal care visits. In addition, to educate doctors specifically Obstetrician, Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Students, Medical Students who will be providing care to pregnant women on the importance of incorporating education to pregnant women during the prenatal care visits. The education should be incorporated to alert them of the risks associated with environmental exposures during pregnancy. What chemicals are dangerous, and the products that are manufactured using these chemicals. Most importantly the heath hazards to the unborn fetus.



Cecilia Escorbore

Sight for the Blind


I want to use this opportunity to welcome everyone to this important presentation. I chose Teppi one of theEthiopian province for this presentation because during the course of my research, this region ranks highest in the case of River blindness in Ethiopia. I am very concerned for the people who live around this area where mostly affected by River Blindness. After this presetation, a lot of people especially who live around Teppi area, governmental and non gevernmental bodies will participate in minimizing the River blindness in this area. Please click this link to view the presentation Envi Power Point Presentation (f)


This presentation focuses on a vector-borne disease chikungunya. I do hope you will find it informative. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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Wk9assignMitchellD 1

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Donna Mitchell
Walden University

Pandemic Influenza Prevention

This is a presentation regarding the prevention of a pandemic influenza. It has a wide target base and can be used for health care officials, business administrators and managers, colleges, schools, etc. It details the history and method of action of influenza and focuses on how to prevent and treat influenza and what can be done to prevent a potentially dangerous pandemic.
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I hope that the information is helpful and informative and feel free to ask any questions.

Eisha Akbar
PUBH 6165-04: Environmental Health
Walden University

Informed Dining: Including Nutritional Information of Restaurant Menus

This presentation focuses on efforts to encourage restaurant owners and managers to start including nutritional information on their menus.  It offers information on obesity and the current prevalence and its affect in the United States, as well as, Northern Virginia and more specifically the city of Alexandria.  It also includes possible ways to include nutritional information on restaurant menus.

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I hope that this presentation is helpful.  If you have any questions, or care to leave a comment, please do so below.  Thank you.

Jasmine Tinoco
PUBH-6165-3, Environmental Health
Walden University


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